About us

Renew Limited has been in the repair business for many  successful years of operation and as a result has acquired quite the high reputation in Trinidad and Tobago as being one of the best automobile repair shop.Renew Ltd. has acquired quite the family over this time, some here longer than others, but a critical part of our operations none the less.

Our 50 member staff complement includes:

  • At our  Garages, you might run into :
    • Any of our 2 garage managers, 8 senior auto mechanics, 20 junior mechanics and 4 customer services staff members
  • Inside our main building, you might encounter:
    • From the Spare Parts department, our spare parts manager along with our 2 parts administration staff members.
    • From the Finances department,  our finance manager along with our 3 finance staff members
    • From our HR department, our HR manager along with our 2 HR staff members
    • From the Facilities management department, who is responsible for maintenance of garages and garage equipment, our lead engineer with our 3 technicians
    • From our IS department, our IS manger along with our 2 systems management and application support technicians.

Close to our family, are the members of the security and janitorial teams who are hired from our close business partners and serve a critical part in the functioning of our business.