At Renew Ltd., we offer a variety of services for all our customer.

For Individual Customers, we offer:

  • Maintenance and repair of automobiles where our work is ensured to be completed by an agreed deadline.
  • Warranty on all work performed
  • Ability of customers to monitor the status of work on their vehicles
  • Arranging owners’ rental of courtesy cars from 3rd party auto rental firms for their use while their vehicles are under maintenance or repair.
  • Supply of original manufacturer’s parts for use in maintenance and repair.
  • Sourcing from local or overseas suppliers of new original or approved substitute parts for use in maintenance or repair.

Maintenance or repair using owner-supplied new parts other than original or approved substitute parts or using used parts is at the owner’s risk and does not receive a warranty.

For Organizations, we offer all the benefits above along with:

  •  Fleet maintenance services for organisations which includes:
    •  Development and implementation of maintenance schedules for the vehicles in the fleet.
    • Guaranteed stocking of agreed maintenance and repair parts
    • Priority scheduling for maintenance and repairs.
    • Recommendations on vehicle retention or replacement based on maintenance and performance history